About us

YADE has its focus of activity in the area of international trade. We help European companies, reliable, and above all, low-cost suppliers in China to find. The cost advantage based first and foremost on the low cost of labour unrivalled in the world makes China the most interesting supply market for years to come. We have a very intensive experience in the sourcing market China. Our suppliers have successfully stood their ground in an environment of harsh competition and guarantee you favourable prices for your sourcing as well as a high quality due to the measures of quality assurance. Our staffs are composed of graduates in Engineering Sciences from Western universities and have had a working experience as employees in international companies. We have a thorough knowledge of both Western and Eastern cultures and are able to offer our services in several languages (Chinese, English, and German).

Are you looking for suppliers for certain products or semi-finished products? Then our services will suit you just fine! With our professional support you will be able at any time to utilise to the fullest extent the huge cost reduction potentials provided by the production location China. We will take care of the coordination and handling. Extensive sourcing trips as well as problems of coordination will be reduced to a minimum. Two more substantial advantages for you will be a high degree of flexibility together with a very low administrative expense. Your own presence in China will not be necessary.

As a basic principle, we will be able to quote you a binding purchase price for any product you might desire very quickly after your enquiry. We would like to provide you with the binding samples in order to enable you to have a close inspection of the product quality. Should the samples meet your requirements and should you agree to the conditions, the way is cleared for the placing of your order.

Click on the button "products". Get an overview of our product range. Unable to find the product you desire? Dont hesitate to contact us. We will gladly conduct a research for you. YADE is your partner for trade with China. We would like to win your confidence in our expert capacities and be your reliable and low-cost supplier.
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